Tuesday, June 29, 2010

OMG Hotpants!

I love my local op shops. One in particular is always well stocked with fabric, as well as patterns. The kind of patterns I like. A couple of months ago I noticed some super bright colourful patterns that shouted 1970s fun, so I had a rummage and was confronted by pure retro gold. Hotpants, bright knitted and crochet hotpants in bright colours, modelled by braless chicks wearing clogs and brandishing sporting equipment!

I just about died. Then I ran and shared them with my friends Over The Fence on Ravelry. I promptly bowed to peer pressure and knitted up a pair, in the yarn called for in the pattern - vintage Totem score!

The pattern took a bit of tweaking. The largest size was a 36 inch hip and I haven't had 36 inch hips since I was 14. So I sized up the pattern a little, tweaked the waistband, added a drawstring and I am now the proud owner of a pair of hand knit hotpants!

They have even been worn in public. Luckily for me, you get nothing but compliments on your knitted hotpants when you wear them to roller derby bouts!

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