Sunday, November 7, 2010

Another Christmas Gift Ticked Off The List

This is a quick one! Another one for one of the little girlies in the family. I have made this smock before and was very happy with the end result. This little smock can be worn apron style over clothes or as a summer top with pants or a skirt. I got the pattern a couple of years ago here at The Mayfly.

I used a super cute retro print cotton and vintage bias binding in a red candy stripe. Cut out, and bind. Simple! The odd shape above crosses over at the back and ties at the shoulders.

Last time I made one of these Coen was small enough to model it for me, unfortunately, he's a giant now so I don't have a model, but you get the idea!

That's another gift ticked off the list.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Socks of The Apocalypse

I don't have hobbies. I have a post apocalyptic skill set. Now that skill set includes sock knitting! And it took the apocalypse to make me finish the hideous things.

Last year I decided to try knitting socks. I had knitted all kinds of garments and accessories before and while I didn't doubt that I had the ability to knit socks, I didn't want to "waste' any of my beautiful hand dyed sock yarns on my first pair. So I picked up some cheap Moda Vera Noir, in what turned out to be a pretty poxy colourway and got started. That was 18 months ago. The pattern was easy, Wise Hilda's Basic Ribbed Socks. The yarn was ugly, it took me weeks to finish the first sock because I just didn't enjoy knitting the ugly. I had heard that casting on the second sock right away is the best way to avoid the dreaded second sock syndrome, so I did that. It didn't work. I wanted to knit pretty things so I put the ugly socks away.

Recently Darron and I were discussing my post apocalyptic skills. We came to the conclusion that in a post apocalyptic world (zombie infested or otherwise) socks would be pretty high on our list of must haves, as well as being really useful for trade. Yes, we think about these things! So I sucked it up and finished the sock. And they're comfy, they fit perfectly, are lovely and cozy and are still hideous.
Now that I have knocked over my first pair I can't wait to start the next pair. You can't be too prepared!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Time to Get Cracking on Christmas

I'm on holiday! Yay! We're visiting Darron's hometown this week and staying with my wonderful in laws. Unfortunately, this means that I'm away from all my equipment and fabric, and yarn (except for the big bag of knitting I brought along) so even though it is well and truly time to get cracking on the Christmas gifts, I'm just going to have to wait until we get home. Of course I may have to visit the wonderful little fabric and quilting shop just around the corner here. She stocks a wonderful range of bag handles!

Before we left I did manage to get started on the Christmas stuff. I have a stack of doll and toy making books from the 70s & 80s. Some have come from my mum, some from op shops and some I am quite sure magically appeared on my shelves as I have no recollection of their acquisition.

They are chock full of strange and wonderful toys, and once you get your mind past the interesting fabric choices and odd expressions on the toys faces, there are some great basic toy patterns. The chickens below were made from a pattern in the book above. Two fat quarters and some felt scraps and fabric paint, all of which I had sitting about.

They were easy, quick, and will be perfect for one of my little nieces for Christmas!