Sunday, September 19, 2010

SSS Day 18, Day 19 and a Versatile Tail

Lately I haven't been feeling particularly creative. I finished a couple of great projects, but then fell into a bit of a funk. None of my patterns appealed to me. I trawled the internet for inspiration, patterns, anything, and came up empty handed. Yesterday my mojo came back. I felt like making something and found inspiration in some of the most boring fabric I own! Plain grey wool blend knit fabric plus a 1975 super basic dress pattern and I had something to do.

The pattern has a cowl neckline, but I changed it to a V neck because I tend to unconsciously pick at cowl necks, constantly rearranging them. I do the same with strapless tops, constantly adjusting. I'm guessing that the pattern is from 1975 as that is the date the original owner has written on the back that she purchased it. It is also supposed to have encased elastic at the waist. I left it out so that I could belt it high or low as the mood takes me. All in all, it's not the prettiest dress around, but it's warm, comfortable and easy to move around in, so I'm happy.

Today's outfit is all self stitched. A refashioned skirt, v neck top and waistcoat. Today we went to a fabric sale, and I showed extreme self control and only bought a couple of things.

Coen picked out some grey fleece for a tail. He's wanted a tail longer than he wanted wings. Here's what we came up with this afternoon. It's a versatile tail! Already it has belonged to a kangaroo, a triceratops, a tyrannosaurus rex and whole tribe of other dinosaurs. Amazing what you can do with half a metre of polar fleece, some stuffing, elastic and a free half hour. One happy kid!

Friday, September 17, 2010

SSS Days 15, 16 and 17

For some reason I had been keeping this dress in reserve for a special occasion. Then I remembered that every day has the potential to be a special occasion and threw it on to go shopping today! It's not really suited to cold weather, but with thick tights, long boots and cardigan I'm toasty warm!

Yesterday was a work day, which threw my whole week out because I usually work Tuesdays, but this week got all twisted about so Mr Huff could do his promotion exam for work on Tuesday. I wore a refashioned work shirt with a thrifted skirt.

The shirt is the uniform for the Jakarta branch of the business I work for. They send XXXL shirts to my colleague Al. They love Al because he's very tall and broad. However Al has recently dropped loads of weight and the XXXL shirts swim on him. When the latest batch arrived I offered to take it in for him, then we decided that I should take it in for me and we could have matching uniforms! So I took it up, took it in, added darts and puffy sleeves. Here it is in its original state! HUGE!

On Wednesday we went to Carlton to catch up with my in laws who were in town with Darron's uncle who had triple bypass surgery that afternoon (it went well and he's recovering nicely). We had a lovely lunch with them and then went to the Melbourne Museum to look at the dinosaur bones. The self stitched components of this outfit are my skirt and triangle shawl. The rest are all wardrobe staples, the umbrella was purchased that afternoon when the weather couldn't make up its mind about what it was doing. Melbourne weather at its best!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Days 12, 13 & 14

The last three days have covered all facets of proper spring weather! On Sunday there were showers all day. My navy trousers are getting a real work out this month! My waist coat is getting more use now and my red v neck top got another outing.

Monday was a work day, hence the delightful photo of me half awake at seven in the morning! There's that waist coat again! I made the skirt about 12 months ago, the fabric is vintage wool and it's just dorky enough to make me very happy. The shirt is from Target, I can't remember where the olive tights came from, and my little tree brooch is by Elk.

And then today the sun came out again, it was gorgeous, but not very warm! Navy pants again, (and again and again!) and my burgundy T, both made by me. The cropped jacket is from Stussy. I made the cheesy kid too. This is us dashing out the door to take him to kindergarten. I didn't notice at the time that I was standing right on top of that little pot pant!

The knit tops above were both made from my mum's patterns. both from the 1980s too.

I have view A of the Kwik Sew in burgundy and view D of the Butterick in bright red. Both were super easy, super quick and have helped build my confidence in sewing knits !

Saturday, September 11, 2010

SSS Day 10 and 11

Day ten. Hmmm, not my best. I had a really bad day yesterday, every little thing ticked me right off. As a result there are no photos of yesterday's outfit (purple shirt and grey waistcoat) as I knew the whole photography biz would have pushed me over the edge and possibly made me too crazy to live with.

Happily today I am feeling much better! It may have something to do with the sunshine. It has been raining so much here I almost forgot what a sunny day looked like!

My new cardigan. I may just wear this every day until it falls to bits. Yay for project satisfaction! Add to that my Damson shawl, thrifted jeans, thrifted sunnies and generic grey tank, and you have me today. I haven't ventured far enough from home to even need shoes today.

I have noticed that this month my laundry habits are a bit different from usual. There is a rule at my house that if it was hand made, it gets hand washed. I have relaxed that a little as with limited wardrobe options I have to launder more frequently and I just don't have the time (or the inclination to be perfectly honest) to do a batch of hand washing every day. Not the most interesting thing about Self Stitched September I'm sure!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

SSS Day 8, Day 9 and Olivette

Day eight of SSS saw the first wearing of my Olivette cardigan! I had sewn on the buttons the evening before and was a little bit excited that it was finished! Worn with my refashioned skirt that used to be jeans and a red cami.

Day nine, today in fact, I wore my self stitched trackies in the morning for the washing, cleaning, and dog walking. This afternoon I'm into my procrastination skirt and grey wool waistcoat. I can't believe it has taken me this far into the month to wear this waistcoat. Strange happenings!

Back to my new cardigan. The pattern is Olivette, an easy, fairly quick knit resulting in a sweet versatile cardigan.
I used Bendigo Woollen Mills Luxury 10 ply in Lake which is lovely and soft, very affordable, seems to be about to pill already and stretches abominably when wet. It should be alright as long as I keep on top of the pilling and block it properly after every wash. What I really love about it is the colour!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

SSS Days 6 & 7 - My working week

That's the first week of Self Stitched September done and dusted. I work Monday's and Tuesdays so today and yesterday's outfits only just managed to get photographed in daylight as I ran out the door in the mornings!

I'm putting buttons onto my Olivette cardigan tonight so I can wear it tomorrow!

Sunday, September 5, 2010

SSS Day 5 - Happy Fathers Day

Day 5 of SSS and it is Fathers Day!
My navy wool pants are getting another outing today. Along with my green shirt, a thrifted brown belt and my wooden birds necklace (also thrifted).

I'm hoping to finish a couple of things off this afternoon/evening, including a shirt and my Olivette cardigan. Tomorrow and Tuesday are my work days so it's going to be a challenge to get photos as I leave at 7.30 am and get home at 6pm. Lunch break pics may be the answer!

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Day 4 - Down Came The Rain

It has been raining solidly for the last 12 hours. Our backyard is a swamp, the main street is flooding, the golf course is a river and trees are coming down everywhere! I really hope our hill doesn't tun into an island, I need to shop for buttons!

I'm finding SSS quite motivating. This morning I pulled out a couple of items I had planned to refashion, but never got around to doing. I spent five minutes sewing up this skirt from a pair of my old jeans that I had already cut. Five minutes from ruined to useful! They were wide leg jeans too, so no extra panels needed. Put that together with a plain T and hand knit vest and today's outfit is sorted! Accented nicely by my red slippers, no point in putting on shoes as I have no intention of going out in the deluge!

My other accessory in the photo is Skye, who has come to visit us while my parents are in China.

Friday, September 3, 2010

SSS Day 2 & 3

Day two and three of Self Stitched September:

I spent Thursday hanging about the house. We tidied up and I did a heap of sewing. I still managed to wear hand made though! That's a v necked T made by me, and the track pants I made last week. And just for fun on of my gazillion thrifted scarves!

Today Coen and I are going shopping for Fathers Day gifts. It's cold, and the weather is destined to get really miserable later so due to my limited supply of self stitched trousers, my thrifted jeans are making an appearance. Along with a purple raglan sleeved shirt I made a couple of years ago and my hand knitted Onerva triangle shawl. I got the belt and the grey top from Target last year.

Come on spring! I need some nicer weather to get the most out of my self stitched wardrobe!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Self Stitched September!

September 1, first day of spring (although you wouldn't know it here!), my step dad Ed's birthday, and the first day of Self Stitched September! And here is my first outfit of the month:
Navy wool trousers, burgundy t shirt, green cardigan, all made by me! The scarf is thrifted. This was warm enough for the miserable rainy weather we had today. It took me out to the library, and shopping, and to lunch and then to the indoor playground for coffee with my sister in law while our boys played.

Then to make the first day of SSS memorable, a second outfit! Today is my step father Ed's 60th birthday and the family went out for dinner to celebrate. I wore my procrastination skirt, but wasn't happy with any of the tops I had for the occasion so I made this red one this afternoon! It's another of my mum's patterns, early eighties, Butterick 3969 in bright red interlock from my stash. It says on the pattern that you can make it in two hours. I did! I took my Damson shawl along in case I got chilly, but as you can see from the roaring fire and my rosey cheeks, I didn't really need it!

So that's one day down, 29 to go!