Thursday, August 5, 2010

The Waistcoat of Awesome!

I have a black waistcoat. I wear it more than any single article of clothing should be worn. I decided I needed an alternate waistcoat, maybe in a different colour/style/fabric so I could still have the joy of a waistcoat (why yes, I do find joy in the small things in life) without it turning into a uniform.

My new waistcoat is soft grey wool. I got the fabric at my local op shop, 150cm by 75cm, $1.50. The lining used to be a pair of beautiful Peter Alexander pyjamas that I somehow managed to rip. The pattern was borrowed from my mum's big box o' patterns. The buttons are from London Mart here in my home town, which has a really good range of buttons for a small town haberdasher! This was a very thrifty project. It cost next to nothing in materials and only took an evening to sew.

The pattern is from 1978. Once again a smaller bust size than mine, once again I only had to add a couple of centimetres to the sides as I apparently prefer a closer fit than was the fashion in the late 70s!

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