Saturday, August 14, 2010

Costume Drama

Apparently August is Party Month. We've got parties on every weekend for the whole month! Three of them are children's parties! The month is only half done and I'm exhausted. The party that Coen attended today was my cousin Maddie's 5th Birthday and a Where The Wild Things Are party. Off course this required a costume and Coen would never choose to just be a generic wild thing or monster, he wanted to go as the bird monster. Because I am a super awesome mum I had a crack at what I am sure will be the first of many costumes for this kid.

One old white towel, some of my never ending stash of grey fleece fabric, some yellow felt and there you have it, bird monster. He liked it. So much so that he wore the hood to the supermarket yesterday!

The poor boy has waited a long time for some wings, I promised him ages ago that I would make him some. I hadn't thought about incorporating them into a garment until this week though. I made the top based on one of his larger jumpers so it should fit him for a while. The trick now is going to be getting him out of it for bed tonight!


  1. What does it matter if he sleeps in it !!!!!


  2. Hey, I recognize that place and that monster. I think I was there some time recently, if I recall. In celebration of another monster turning 5. Thanks for letting me look at your blog. I like your creations.