Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Common Sense Prevails

I set out to make myself a pair of 1940s style, high waisted, wide legged trousers. I want a pair desperately. I was about to begin cutting out a pattern for these trousers when a little part of my brain, usually quiet, shouted "STOP!"

That little part of my brain was my oft forgotten common sense. It implored that I should remember my reaction to every single high waisted article of clothing that I have ever tried on, that severe 'yeuch' reaction to the way they make my tummy stick out and my rear look gigantic and square. It suggested that for my first foray into trouser construction that I stick to a style I'm comfortable with at first and avoid making something disappointing that ends up hiding in the back of my wardrobe feeling sorry for itself.

I am happy to report that common sense prevailed!

They are a navy heavy weight wool, (another bargain from the op shop!) and the pattern is 105 from Burda mag2/2008. This was my first try at making a zippered fly, and I was pleasantly surprised at how easy it was, once I had wrapped my head around the concept! I made the cuffs bigger and made them the right length to wear with flat shoes so they can be my hard wearing knock about pants.

I really think I am going to need at least another pair of trousers for Self Stitched Sept, and a couple more casual tops. I think this week I'll pull out all the handmade, take inventory and see what I actually have!


  1. My opshop score the other day: a pattern for casual knit top, and baggy drawstring pants (same pattern) and a couple of meters of charcoal Jersey. Total cost, 4 bucks. Woo! Comfy pants here I come!

  2. Jen, Good for you for listening to that inner voice! I fall prey to the high waisted wants sometimes too, and then realize the top of the damn pants would be a bra for me. Just not the right look for my shape.

    Your pants are really pretty and will be well used, I'm sure. I love all the planning going on for SSS. Are you matching stuff up in your mind as I am?

  3. Thanks Mary! I have been matching things up too! I also keep thinking up more things to make, I think I need to rein it in a bit!