Thursday, August 19, 2010

Procrastination in Black Gingham

I am a master of the fine art of procrastination. I use sewing and knitting as procrastination tools, usually to ignore the washing, or the vacuuming, or that slightly funky smell coming from the refrigerator, or the mounting pile of clothes requiring repairs. Lately I have noticed that I am also using projects to procrastinate about other projects. For example: I want to make myself some trousers. I have the fabric, the zip, the pattern, all ready to go. However this pattern is more adventurous than my previous forays into sewing trousers, ie not tracky dacks or pyjama pants. I had planned to start them last week, gathered all the things together, was ready to begin... and made a skirt instead.

It's a very versatile skirt, goes with loads of things in my wardrobe, has already been worn on the weekend. But it is not the trousers I set out to make! The pattern is 107 from Burda mag 2/2009.

And below is what I like to wear under skirts. I made these bloomers a little while ago, they're super comfortable, make my skirts sit nicely and were the perfect use for bright yellow tropical fish fabric!

I am now working on the trousers I was putting off. They are coming along quite nicely, not nearly as scary as anticipated!


  1. Hehe... I love your skirt and the bloomers made me giggle and sent me straight back to highschool. We had to wear a uniform of a grey pleated skirt and white polo shirt so all the girls wore satin boxer shorts under their skirts - everyone! It was completely normal and in fact you were considered weird (in the usual judgmental teenage way) if you didn't. How bizzare it all seems now.
    Ugh and I'm so with you on the procrastination - I have a trench coat to finish but I'm distracting myself with a pencil skirt.

  2. Thanks Alana! We did the same thing at my high school! All the girls wore satin boxers under our dresses!

  3. That's awesome! We used to wear bikepants or bummers. Now I wear grown up bikepants (eg: spanx) lol.