Thursday, August 26, 2010


Because if there is one thing my Self Stitched September needs, it's blue booty shorts!

After changing my mind several times about including some work out wear of the self stitched variety I discovered that I actually needed a new pair of track pants. I pulled out my mountain of fleecy interlock and had a sweats sewing day! I made pants, because I need them for house work days, and walking the dog, and generally being comfortable. I also made running shorts, because they're cute, and silly, and I think my trainer will get a giggle out of them.

I do love a bit of instant gratification! Both are from this Simplicity pattern, again borrowed from my mum. I love multi size patterns, so much easier to draft up a couple of sizes!


  1. Oh Man the chick on the cover of the pattern looks SO HAPPY to be jogging? WTH? lol.

  2. I know right! The pattern is from 1980, maybe jogging was fun back then?