Saturday, July 31, 2010

One Green Shirt

The green shirt I cut out yesterday, managed to get itself made today! With Self Stitched September in mind I went shopping in my mum's pattern collection for some casual, comfortable spring patterns. I tend to make more business wear and party frocks than casual stuff, so I don't really have any of the right patterns. I came home with loads of choices. This one in particular (late 70s early 80s I'm thinking) spoke to some sheer green cotton fabric I bought with the intention if making a floaty skirt that never happened.

You may notice that the size is for a 92cm bust. I do not have a 92cm bust, I have a 102cm bust. Once I had laid the pattern out I did some quick calculations and discovered that if I scaled this up to my size it would probably look like a great big voluminous green tent. The only alteration I ended up making was about 4cms more width over the hips. It fits exactly how I wanted, so I'm very happy with it.

The length is perfect, it's very comfortable, nice and casual, I can move in it, it layers well and I love green!

Please excuse the half headless photos, I'm still feeling a bit like a swamp monster and the world does not need to see pics of that!

Friday, July 30, 2010

My Charming Assistant

I've been quite unwell this week and as a result have been very unproductive. In an effort to get myself moving around again I cut out a waistcoat and shirt this morning then collapsed in a heap! By afternoon I was recovered enough to put some stitches into the shirt, with the help of my charming assistant.

This is Albatross. She likes to help. Unfortunately her idea of help is somewhat different to mine. But it's still nice to have her close.

The first time she did this, a few years ago now, I was sure she would scatter as soon as I started using the machine. She didn't. She still doesn't.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

I Survived Another Spendigo!

I love Winter. Cold weather suits me very well. I love coats and hats and scarves and gloves and woollen tights and kickin' boots. By far the best part if winter for me is the Australian Sheep and Wool Show, held in Bendigo every year. Specifically the Ravelry events organised by the wonderful Tara of Mayhem & Chaos fame. Dinner on Friday night with about 100 like minded folk, the kind of folk who appreciate some knitted hotpants! I'm yet to see any pics of myself from Friday night, maybe this is a good thing...
Saturday brought early breakfast! And prizes! I love a good raffle and there were so many amazing prizes donated by fibre folk! I scored an awesome Ravelry tote, which I then proceeded to fill with the fruits of my spending spree!

There's stuff there from Ewe Give Me The Knits, Ixchell, Mosely Park, Wendy Dennis, Fairfield Finns and Sheep Incognito! I love Spendigo! Plus, the wonderful Owen Poad of Majacraft, fixed my squeak, so now I am spinning nice and quietly! I got to wander the show for 2 days, with Mum and Maureen, Tara, and I even got to have a bit of a shop with Mandie (EGMTK)!

My Veyla got their first outing too, even though, due to my ability to loose pretty much anything, they were short a button. (The button turned up on Sunday night, under my pillow ??) I love Ysolda's patterns and these were super easy and cute to boot! Baby alpaca too, so soooooft!

It has taken me about a week to recover from the weekend. With a couple of very late nights followed by full days I was exhausted by Sunday. This is me at Sunday breakfast with alot, my glasses barely hide the dark circles:

And here is what I ate for Sunday Breakfast... I'm sure it contributed to my exhaustion but what could be a better way to wrap up a fabulous weekend than with beer for breakfast with some seriously wonderful people?

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Finally Finished!

I have a habit of starting to make something, anything really, getting part way through and getting distracted by the next thing that I MUST make, starting on that next project and getting distracted by the next project and so the cycle continues. With Self Stitched September creeping up I dragged out a couple of items that had been languishing, partially finished for some time.

I'm a bit embarrassed about the first one for two reasons. I figured out just when I started making this top, it was before I had my son four years ago, before I got married six years ago, in fact it was started soon after I received my wonderful sewing machine for my 21st birthday, so that is ahem, seven and a half years. This poor top has been waiting on finishing touches for seven and a half years! The other source of my embarrassment is the quality. Which is silly, because I made it before I had any experience sewing stretch fabric or fitting garments. Now that it's finished, I'm happy with it in general, I think it works best under a jacket. Most importantly, it is finished! The pattern is New Look 6160, the fabric is super stretchy cotton lycra flogged from Mum's stash.

The other item has not been waiting quite so long. Just 18 months or so! It had been sitting quietly, all cut out and ready to go for that whole time. I picked it up a couple of weeks ago and started working on it, only to discover why it hadn't been started, no zipper. I had cut it and put it aside to get the zipper, which I then forgot about. So I got the zip, and finished the shirt! I cannot for the life of me figure out why I keep making long sleeved tops when the first thing I do when I put them on is push up the sleeves. It's a mystery. The pattern for this one is from Burda Mag 5/2008, patten 107, fabric was a thrift score, (hard to see in the pic but miserable weather is making photography pretty impossible) beige/grey with a tiny brown check.

I would promise not to leave things half finished for such a long time ever again, but that is a promise I just know I can't keep!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

The Birds!

I have had this pattern for a while now, I can't remember exactly where it came from. It might have been a thrift score, or it may have been in the case of patterns Mum got at a garage sale a couple of years ago. Either way, it's cute! I especially love view B with its off centre buttons, which is lucky really, because that is the only pattern in the envelope! Even the instructions were missing.

I had some nice rich purple cotton in stash that would be perfect, and just as I was thinking that I would need to go shopping for some contrasting fabric for the trim, I stumbled into my fat 1/4s and came up with the birds! Perfect match!

I actually went shopping for buttons on my lunch break on Monday, and was sorely disappointed in the range of buttons at the only shop that stocks them within lunch time travel distance! Luckily Mum has a pretty spectacular button collection, including these perfect vintage purple ones!

I'm pretty happy with the result, it works with my trusty charcoal pencil skirt, as well as with my jeans. I'm not satisfied with the bust darts, they're a little crooked and when I up-sized the pattern I made them too long, next time they will be a good 5cm shorter. Other than that, the fit is pretty good. Comfy, and easy to move in. The plan was for something suitable for work that would still be comfortable and casual if required. It fits the bill nicely, and should get a fair wearing. And the birds! I love the tiny birds!

Friday, July 2, 2010

Why Country Op Shops Rock my Socks Off!

Today, I found these:

I love the middle view of the Simplicity pattern, and the square neckline and pleated skirt on the Weigel's are floating my boat!

Thursday, July 1, 2010

It's a Bust Thing

I was rummaging my patterns last night looking for a new project or three. I've pulled out patterns for some tops, PJs and a dress from the vintage box to make in time for Self Stitched Sept. As I was trying to choose patterns I noticed that there are a couple of styles I automatically put in the 'not this time' pile. This is a bit of a shame as they're some of my favourite patterns. I know the exact reason I'm passing them over too, it's a bust thing. I'm fairly buxom and have the deeply ingrained notion that high necklines, kimono sleeves and pleats in that region will make my substantial bosom appear to go on for days. Stupid bosom. (I don't really mean that, the rack has been of great use to me over the years, earning me awesome nick names -like Juggs, and feeding my child etc.)

These are a couple of the patterns I'm talking about.

I love them, I want to make them and wear them but I'm just a little anxious about the bust thing. I know, I know, make a muslin and actually see. I'll do that, soon, maybe, one day.