Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Finally Finished!

I have a habit of starting to make something, anything really, getting part way through and getting distracted by the next thing that I MUST make, starting on that next project and getting distracted by the next project and so the cycle continues. With Self Stitched September creeping up I dragged out a couple of items that had been languishing, partially finished for some time.

I'm a bit embarrassed about the first one for two reasons. I figured out just when I started making this top, it was before I had my son four years ago, before I got married six years ago, in fact it was started soon after I received my wonderful sewing machine for my 21st birthday, so that is ahem, seven and a half years. This poor top has been waiting on finishing touches for seven and a half years! The other source of my embarrassment is the quality. Which is silly, because I made it before I had any experience sewing stretch fabric or fitting garments. Now that it's finished, I'm happy with it in general, I think it works best under a jacket. Most importantly, it is finished! The pattern is New Look 6160, the fabric is super stretchy cotton lycra flogged from Mum's stash.

The other item has not been waiting quite so long. Just 18 months or so! It had been sitting quietly, all cut out and ready to go for that whole time. I picked it up a couple of weeks ago and started working on it, only to discover why it hadn't been started, no zipper. I had cut it and put it aside to get the zipper, which I then forgot about. So I got the zip, and finished the shirt! I cannot for the life of me figure out why I keep making long sleeved tops when the first thing I do when I put them on is push up the sleeves. It's a mystery. The pattern for this one is from Burda Mag 5/2008, patten 107, fabric was a thrift score, (hard to see in the pic but miserable weather is making photography pretty impossible) beige/grey with a tiny brown check.

I would promise not to leave things half finished for such a long time ever again, but that is a promise I just know I can't keep!

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  1. Hey Jen, congratulations on getting those tops finished! Way to go. The zippered top is really interesting to me-I may have to integrate a front zipper into some fall tops
    I also get distracted easily. I seem to have chunks of really productive sewing time, and then times when I am simmering creatively. I'm hoping to get a more regular sewing schedule in my life. hmmm, blog post coming up, I think.