Saturday, September 4, 2010

Day 4 - Down Came The Rain

It has been raining solidly for the last 12 hours. Our backyard is a swamp, the main street is flooding, the golf course is a river and trees are coming down everywhere! I really hope our hill doesn't tun into an island, I need to shop for buttons!

I'm finding SSS quite motivating. This morning I pulled out a couple of items I had planned to refashion, but never got around to doing. I spent five minutes sewing up this skirt from a pair of my old jeans that I had already cut. Five minutes from ruined to useful! They were wide leg jeans too, so no extra panels needed. Put that together with a plain T and hand knit vest and today's outfit is sorted! Accented nicely by my red slippers, no point in putting on shoes as I have no intention of going out in the deluge!

My other accessory in the photo is Skye, who has come to visit us while my parents are in China.

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