Sunday, September 19, 2010

SSS Day 18, Day 19 and a Versatile Tail

Lately I haven't been feeling particularly creative. I finished a couple of great projects, but then fell into a bit of a funk. None of my patterns appealed to me. I trawled the internet for inspiration, patterns, anything, and came up empty handed. Yesterday my mojo came back. I felt like making something and found inspiration in some of the most boring fabric I own! Plain grey wool blend knit fabric plus a 1975 super basic dress pattern and I had something to do.

The pattern has a cowl neckline, but I changed it to a V neck because I tend to unconsciously pick at cowl necks, constantly rearranging them. I do the same with strapless tops, constantly adjusting. I'm guessing that the pattern is from 1975 as that is the date the original owner has written on the back that she purchased it. It is also supposed to have encased elastic at the waist. I left it out so that I could belt it high or low as the mood takes me. All in all, it's not the prettiest dress around, but it's warm, comfortable and easy to move around in, so I'm happy.

Today's outfit is all self stitched. A refashioned skirt, v neck top and waistcoat. Today we went to a fabric sale, and I showed extreme self control and only bought a couple of things.

Coen picked out some grey fleece for a tail. He's wanted a tail longer than he wanted wings. Here's what we came up with this afternoon. It's a versatile tail! Already it has belonged to a kangaroo, a triceratops, a tyrannosaurus rex and whole tribe of other dinosaurs. Amazing what you can do with half a metre of polar fleece, some stuffing, elastic and a free half hour. One happy kid!

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  1. Hey, you may think it's boring, but when I opened your blog, my heart jumped. I am not kidding-this is such a professional and stylish look for you. I have had the same feeling with boring fabric (check out my grandma cardi on Flickr or PR) and been so surprised that "less is more".

    I love the photos of you laughing and of your son's new tail!