Saturday, September 11, 2010

SSS Day 10 and 11

Day ten. Hmmm, not my best. I had a really bad day yesterday, every little thing ticked me right off. As a result there are no photos of yesterday's outfit (purple shirt and grey waistcoat) as I knew the whole photography biz would have pushed me over the edge and possibly made me too crazy to live with.

Happily today I am feeling much better! It may have something to do with the sunshine. It has been raining so much here I almost forgot what a sunny day looked like!

My new cardigan. I may just wear this every day until it falls to bits. Yay for project satisfaction! Add to that my Damson shawl, thrifted jeans, thrifted sunnies and generic grey tank, and you have me today. I haven't ventured far enough from home to even need shoes today.

I have noticed that this month my laundry habits are a bit different from usual. There is a rule at my house that if it was hand made, it gets hand washed. I have relaxed that a little as with limited wardrobe options I have to launder more frequently and I just don't have the time (or the inclination to be perfectly honest) to do a batch of hand washing every day. Not the most interesting thing about Self Stitched September I'm sure!


  1. I left you a comment on Flickr but here I am *again*...your sweater is so pretty and is made from my favorite color. Glad you are feeling better today-I also have been up and down lately. ???? who knows why these things happen?

    Why are you only hand washing? I can understand hand washing your lovely knits, but the other stuff can handle the machine, I think.

  2. I see the lovely Mary has been here too :)
    I'm very impressed with that cardigan, I'm too uncoordinated to knit as it requires two needles, crochet is my limit!
    I agree with Mary, most stuff you can just chuck in the wash, and if you're daring (or stupid?) like me, you won't even separate the whites from the colours...

  3. He he! Thanks guys!
    I think the handwashing thing goes back to when I first started making clothes and wasn't confident enough that my work would stand up to machine washing. I know that it does of course, it's a hard habit to break and funny that it has taken me so long to just do it!