Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Almost Effortless

Decisions about sleeve lengths should not be made in bars or restaurants.  For example, if you are knitting a thick warm cardigan for winter and you take that cardigan to a knit night in summer, don't have a couple of ciders and try it on.  I decided that I was jack of knitting sleeves and that elbow length looked and felt good so I started the ribbing.  The next morning at Coen's little athletics meet it was incredibly cold.  So right then and there I ripped the ribbing and continued on with my sleeve.

I started this one at the end of January and only took a couple of weeks to finish, 10ply on 5.5mm needles flies.  I love the long front panels, they drape nicely and wrap snugly.  The waist shaping makes it sit nicely in the back.  Another project to add to my 13 in 13 from stash.

Pattern: Effortless
Yarn: Bendigo Woollen Mills Luxury 10ply - Ghost
Size: 34.5" bust
More photos here.

In an effort to get some nice photos of my cardigan I took myself and my tripod up to the historical monument near our house.  I couldn't resist a backlit sun flare.

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