Friday, May 3, 2013

Me Made May '13 The First Few Days

Well, three days and four outfits into Me Made May '13 and so far my me-mades have been working out very nicely!  Darron is on night shifts this week so I've had to plan my outfits the night before so I'm not throwing clothes around and trying things on in our room in the morning when he's just getting to sleep.  I should probably get my clothes ready for the next day anyway, it has made my mornings run very smoothly.  Here are the outfits so far: 

Day one: Grey jersey dress, and the silk Groovy shawl and critter blazer from my April outfit as well as a couple of knitting needle bangles I made a couple of years ago.  I really love the outfit, I was comfortable, and felt really great all day.  The blazer will probably get a workout this month, it would even if it wasn't MMMay, because it's new and I love it so very much! 

Day two: Outfit one is the pink cord skirt and sleeveless shirt from the upcoming May outfit, layered
with the green v neck t shirt and my Damson shawl which I knitted in 2009.  A very comfy casual outfit.

Outfit two for the day was my black floral skirt from March's outfit, with my Shetland Triangle shawl which was knitted in May 2009.  I also had a refashioned angora cardigan with me.  Both the blouse and boots are thrifted.

Day three: Today I actually wore the refashioned angora cardigan, I took it off to add buttons and holes to stick them through.  The black top from March's outfit and my red tartan skirt.  Also me-made are the knitting needle bangle and my goldfish button brooch.  

The little fishy in his plastic bag are my contribution to the MMM'13 Friday theme for today: water!

Because May's outfit is just waiting on a dying session to be finished, I have spent the week catching up on some alterations and refashions before I get stuck into sewing for June's outfit.  I have cast on the big knit for June's outfit, my Beatnik jumper which I will now go and spend some quality couch time knitting!


  1. your outfits are adorable ^_^ Looking forward to seeing the rest soon!

  2. All very cute! That critter blazer is adorable, and I really love your whole second look for day two.