Thursday, July 18, 2013

Me Made May '13 - A Somewhat Late Wrap Up

A little bit late, but here are the last few outfits of my short Me Made May '13.  
Day eight: saucy black tee, tartan skirt and Damson shawl, all me made.  

Day nine was February's outfit, plus my red shetland triangle shawl which didn't stay on for too long because the weather was gorgeous.

And last photo for the month was day ten, a refashioned top from a mens shirt and jeans I refashioned from too big straight legs into slightly better fitting skinnies.  My Onerva shawl, my Beatnik in progress and a sad face complete this look.  I joke about it now, but this was a hard day for me to even get dressed at all.

For the rest of the month I was still in a good amount of me mades, my pyjamas are me made, as are all my snuggly jumpers and cardigans and a few of my basic tees.  Like Darron said to me before Me Made May '13 started, it would be difficult for me to dress without wearing at least a couple of things that I've made.

So that's it for looking back.  Now, moving forward I've nearly finished June's outfit and have got stuck back into my Beatnik for July's outfit.  Today I'm making little skirts for little girls and hopefully repairing some jeans and finishing June's top!


  1. love Day 9's outfit - such great colours together!

    1. Thanks! I love the colour combination in that one too. I think I need to add more turquoise/teal/blues and greens to the wardrobe to go with all my reds.