Thursday, September 12, 2013

In Which I Show The Internet My Undies

First let me answer the question, will there be modelled shots?

Short answer: No.

Long answer: Hahahahaha, oh hell no!

Last week, while I had planned to work on my September outfit I was distracted by uncomfortable undies.  What does any self respecting procrastinator do under these circumstances?  Drop everything and make new undies!  

I have a couple of super classy, multi size undies patterns from the 1970s.  Between them they cover every rise from indecently low rise to the highest of high nanna pants rise.

 This time I went with a couple of the highest of the high pants and one pair of regular hip high bikinis. All using leftover jersey fabric from tops I've made this year.

The main reason I went with ultra high rise is for under skirts.  Lately all the skirts I've made sit on my natural waist, so it makes sense to have any undergarments sit at the same spot to avoid a lumpy silhouette, also it's nice to know that should the wind invert your skirt, you've got full coverage.

I have a rather large collection of underwear elastic, in loads of colours and widths, so I think I might make some more undies.  Perhaps not the utilitarian variety, but something a bit more special, maybe from an Oooh Lulu pattern.

So thats an adventure in underwear as procrastination.  Also, please note that if you call these undergarments "panties" in my presence, I may cause you bodily harm.


  1. What's wrong with panties? Also, please get rid of recapchas-there are so many better alternatives . .

    1. How embarrassing! I didn't even check if I was using recapchas when I started blogging again, thanks for pointing it out.

      I think my panties aversion, and it's more to the spoken word than the written, comes from my mum and her dislike of it. Who knows how many generations back it goes lol.

  2. Lots of people I know dislike that word. It comes up in derby, cos American's call the helmet covers "panties". I'm not a fan of it, but can't really give you the reason why.

    Love those anchor undies :) and your new blog banner looks wonderful

  3. Love that you have used leftovers from have another pattern to look for at the op shops :) thanks

  4. I may have to put in an order myself.