Friday, October 4, 2013

Holidays, Relaxation and Productivity

In a rare and wonderful occurance all members of this household have had the last two weeks off school, work and extra curriculars.  This has meant quality time as a family as well as some quality sewing time for me.

We started out our break with our September family tradition.  Every year we go to the the Royal Melbourne Show.  We go for many reasons, but the big one is this:

Coen was 18 months old the first time we took him to the show.  I love this way of watching him grow and change, and now Joss is in the picture too.  There will come a day when we may have to bribe teenaged Coen with unlimited ride passes to have a photo taken with his little sister and a lamb.

Next on my list (possibly after all the tasty food, beer and GIN samples) is the amazing craft work exhibits.  It's no secret that I love all things handmade, and there are always many gorgeous examples on show.  Every year I come a way inspired to enter some of my work in our local show, I've never actually been organised enough to get anything done in time though.  Maybe this year is the year.  It's not like I have the next few months completely booked up with sewing for myself and others.

Last weekend we took the kids on their first real camping trip.  It was the most relaxing thing we've done in a very long time.  We are lucky that we live just 20 minutes away from beautiful camp grounds like this, and now that Joss can follow directions and not put every single thing she finds in her mouth, we are planning a summer filled with camping trips.  We may or may not have put a deposit on a second vehicle more suited to camping than our wee roller skate so we can go on bigger more adventurous trips.

How's the serenity.  I cast on an Oscar cardigan for Joss while we were away and managed to get up to the armpits, just knitting by the creek and campfire.

What? Doesn't everyone get meditative knitting on a log over a creek?

On the sewing front, my September outfit is done!  I'm really happy with this one.  It's a little different from what I had originally planned, but with good reason, which I will go into once I get it photographed.

Darron's first outfit is also done! (Or it will be once I attach a button and hem his trousers.)  His outfit is also a little different to the original plan, but when school holiday expenses eat up your budget for wool-cashmere blends your blazer gets moved back a couple of months.  Here's a sneak peek at his pants.

Piggies in his pockets!  These pants have been so fun and educational to make, I can't wait to show you!

So that's what we've been up to.  We also donated about a third of the kids' toys, put up Coen's new loft bed, I got a fantastic deal on gorgeous summer shoes, sat down with my niece to pick out a pattern and fabric for her Christmas/birthday dress, bought the pattern for the bridesmaid dresses I'm making for my wonderful friend's April wedding, and this weekend is packed with family celebrations.  Even though we've been super active this break, it has still been the most relaxing holiday I've had in a very long time!

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  1. I'm a melted puddle over those animal nursery photos - the sweetness!!

    camping looks like it was fun, love the log knitting. perfect :)

    enjoy the last few days of the holidays