Friday, November 29, 2013

Operation Summer Wardrobe: Progress Report

Seeing as Summer officially starts in a couple of days I thought I might update on the progress of my summer capsule wardrobe. I've been knocking out bits and pieces while working on 12 outfits garments, and making a muslin and fitting my niece for her dress.

Firstly, the tops are all done, including December's (which is handy as I've had to swap November and December's outfits). So that's two sleeveless shirts, two tanks, a tee and a bodysuit.  

Next up, the bottoms.  I've finished both pairs of shorts.  There was a skirt almost done, November's skirt on fact but I'm having some strobing issues with the stripes so it's been set aside, hence the November/December swap.  I have fabric and pattern prepped for one skirt, but I'm still searching for the right fabric for the second skirt.  It's out there somewhere I know it!

On the dress front, I've changed the wrap dress to maxi length, I finally found the right fabric for it and it's ready to go.  The Wiksten tank dress is cut and ready to sew.

Last of all is the swimsuit.  I have chosen the fabric, a nice jade green, I just need to actually go and buy it!  Then it will be my project for the Sewcialist Green December.

So that's where we stand.  I'd love to have it all done in the next week or so.  We're coming up to our busiest time of year and pretty soon I'm going to be running short on sewing time.  I'm happy with all of the garments so far.  They're all getting plenty of wear already now that the weather has warmed up, and that's the whole point!


  1. Lovely! And I hope you have some warm outfits for the start of summer too!

    1. Thanks Judy! Luckily I have lots if layering pieces to get me through the chilly weather!

  2. Looking good Jen. I cant wait to see the swim suit. I may have to put in an order as I can't find a suit for myself that is new mum appropriate.