Friday, January 17, 2014

14 in 14

I'm melting!  It is way too hot to do anything more than sit in front of the air con, or in a body of water and wait for the week to end.  So what better time than during a relentless heatwave to dream of cool weather and plan the years knits!  After 13 in 13 was was so successful, this year I'm going to aim for 14 in 14.  No other conditions, just 14 knits in 2014.

There are a few things I want to accomplish this year knitwise.  First I plan to make colour work my bitch.  This has been a knit goal for a while now, I've dabbled in basic stranded colour work, but I really want to get comfortable with it so I've already cast on a Favourite Things infinity scarf.  I've gathered a bunch of free charts on Ravelry, it's going to be crazy colourful and warm, I'd like to have it done in time for winter.

I've actually cast on another knit as well.  I'm usually a monogamous knitter so this is a bit odd for me.  But as the favourite things is an ongoing project and this next knit is a mystery knit along it's working for me.  Along with 2000 other knitters all over the world I cast on Ysolda's Follow Your Arrow mystery knit along on Monday.  Five clues, each with two options, it's a choose your own adventure in knitting!  As the first clue is the beginning, the shawl is little at the moment, perfect for knitting in front of the fan in the middle of the night when it's still too hot to sleep.  Seriously, 30C at midnight is just offensive.  

I'm knitting the two colour stripe version and for clue one I've gone with option A because of its interesting construction.  

I've got a couple of knits for Darron in the works, a Pump Jocky Cardigan, and a cabled Struan hat, these will be part of his winter outfits.  

Then poor Coen has been missing out on the hand made lately, so I'm going to make a Billa for him, he loves the concept behind this great Australian design.  He will be getting a hat the same as Darron's too.

Joss will be getting a Nova and a Paulette, these should both last her a while. 

Back to me!  Still on the colour work train, I have some beautiful sparkly teal Rockstar yarn from Mayhem and Chaos that I would love to feature in this Drops cardigan, just need to choose a complimentary colour.

I NEED a Boundless, and a Clair de Lune, so that covers my cable and lace needs.

On the accessories front there's Xuxa and Mrs Jeckyll and Little Hyde.

The last will come from the my ever expanding Ravelry queue.  There have been some gorgeous patterns released in the last year.  So many options! And I have a jumper lot of Mad Tosh Vintage desperate to be knitted.  Now this list will probably change, hopefully like last year I can go beyond my goal, because there are a couple of baby knits it would be nice to make fro friends too!

I'm optimistic that I'll have time to knit this year.  I do hope that my train commute provides me with a little downtime for knitting, or I may struggle to knit at all! 


  1. Wonderful plans ahead! I love this part, don't you?

    I'm already loving the Arrow KAL, so glad you're participating too :-)