Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Modern Love

Finally!  I got my turn to check out the wonderful Modern Love exhibition at the Bendigo Art Gallery!  I'm lucky I checked to see when this amazing exhibit finished, because I saw it on its final weekend at the start of February and I'm so glad I did!  My mum and I made a last minute trip to Bendigo to celebrate my birthday the day before.  We also had a lovely lunch, checked out some great shops and hit the woollen mills bargain back room on the way out of town.

I've loved seeing what other bloggers were drawn to in this exhibition, so here's what caught my attention!  It was wonderful to see high end couture up close, albeit behind glass and with 'dramatic' lighting.

This Carolina Herrera party dress from 1988 was the first thing I saw when we arrived.  I don't know whether it spoke to little 1988 Jen or present day Jen more!  I love spots, black and white with a big splash of yellow, and the square neckline is so very nice.

Not usually one for jumpsuits, I was surprised by how much this Norma Kamali evening jumpsuit grabbed me.  Very striking!  And sparkly!

Another Carolina Herrera!  Again, I'm not normally so into shirring, but the way it's been used to shape the bodice of this tulle gown is just lovely!

I adore this Vivienne Westwood tartan suit.  On the catwalk it was accessorised with sporran and woollen wrap, but with all that stripped away, the A line mini and structured blazer nipped in at the waist are really lovely!

I loved this Calvin Klein 'evening ensemble', the colour of the iridescent silk taffeta is just gorgeous and the exaggerated dimensions of what could be a very simple shirtwaist frock make it so fancy!

I'm not ashamed to admit I spent a good deal of time pressed up against the glass gazing at this Alexander McQueen peacock dress.  It is spectacular!   I love the cream and black contrast and the shredded tulle is frothy and delightful!  I think it is such a wonderful example of fashion as art.

I'm lucky that I live where I do, with exhibits like this just an hour away and then in the other direction I have Melbourne and all it has to offer as well.  With regular historical and modern fashion and costuming exhibitions available for my enjoyment and inspiration!  I'm looking forward to visiting the Melbourne Immigration Museum soon to see Faith Fashion Fusion - Muslim Women's Style in Australia.  It looks amazing!


  1. What an awesome exhibition! Also, I wanted to let you know that I've nominated you for a Liebster Award :)

  2. So glad you got to the exhibition It was so good. Bendigo Art Gallery are really doing great stuff. Thanks for reminding me of those great pieces.