Tuesday, March 5, 2013

12 Outfits

Pinterest is a haven for procrastination, and I am a very skilled procrastinator.  Occasionally procrastination leads to amazing inspiration.  Like when one of your friends pins a blog post that presents an idea that keeps you awake all night.  The blog I'm talking about is leeleetea, and her 12 outfits project.

The concept appealed to me greatly.  As a general rule I aim to consume less and make more, I've challenged myself before to limit my consumption of mass produced clothes with a fair amount of success.  The 12 outfits project is also timely as each season this year I will need new outfits.  In the last year or so I lost about 25kg and three dress sizes, so I have very few clothes that fit.  I have been slowly restocking my wardrobe with essentials, but the thought of buying everything brand new fills me with dread.  The thought of making what I need on the other hand fills me with excitement.

So after a sleepless night contemplating 12 outfits I pulled out some of my stash and piles of patterns to see if I could get 12 outfits.

It turns out I can!  I have six outfits completely planned with patterns and fabric and yarn, some even with buttons and other notions, as well as key pieces planned for the following six outfits.  I really like the flexibility Natalie had built into her project and I plan to be flexible in my plans as well.  Given that I've already finished a couple of the winter garments, the order of operations is already somewhat inverted and I have other things I plan on making this year for myself and my family outside the project.  As long as I get my 12 outfits in the end, I'll be happy.

So, all this happened a month ago and a couple of the projects I've posted about already belong to outfits.  February's outfit is complete and will be blogged shortly.

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