Saturday, March 30, 2013

The Next 10 Months

Now that February and March are outfitted, I'll show you my plans for the next 10 months.  The first couple of outfits have been pretty girly and dressy, and while I love making the pretty girly dressy things, what I really need is comfortable, casual, everyday clothes that will get me through my normal week.  My default uniform is jeans and things that go with jeans, so my aim is to make more clothes that fit into that casual category, and yes I am going to have a crack at making my own jeans. Yikes!  Here's the plan at this stage:

Groovy shawl in 100% silk from Mayhem and Chaos.
A single button blazer in forrest critter drill.
Slim leg trousers in dark grey stretch cotton linen blend.
Our Fave Top from Tessuti in light grey fine wool blend jersey (not pictured)

Effortless Cardigan in BWM Luxury 10ply (this is one of those items I skipped ahead and made because inspiration and motivation aligned)
Black floral mumu refashion into a sleeveless shirt.
Pink cord short skirt.
Grey tie dyed tights.

Beatnik jumper in BWM Luxury 10ply.
Jeans! Eek! Slim leg from Burda Style 8/2006 in dark navy denim.
Blue dress to tunic refashion.

Neon Ski Bonnet in undyed Tonne of Wool Cormo
Red Riding Hoodie (this is another already made, I got a Craftsy course for my birthday, and this was the first project to improve my sewing with knits!)
Long sleeve tee in anchor print jersey.
Slim leg trousers in light grey pinwale corduroy.

Mara triangle shawl in super smooshy grey Wendy Dennis 4ply.
Knit hoodie dress in teal and navy patterned knit fabric.
Leggings and a long sleeve tee.  I haven't decided on colours for these yet.

Dahlia cardigan in orange Jitterbug.
Long tank in grey and cream striped jersey.
Denim skirt, I'm looking for some light wash or maybe patterned denim for this one.

Myrtle Cardigan in red Wollmeise.
Some kind of little dress for Frocktober in BRIGHT multi coloured print voile.

Seersucker mumu to skirt refashion.

Christmas dress! I haven't decided on full or narrow skirt yet.

Swimsuit!  A retro style suit, perhaps in this fabric I've been lusting after.

The last few months on the list aren't quite whole outfits, I'm still figuring out what I want, or really what I need.  Of course this means hours spent rifling through bargain tables at fabric stores and op shops just in case I find something perfect and even more hours leafing through my patterns.  Really, procrastinating is my superpower.

Also, I know I'm using ALL THE GREY!  I like grey.  That is all.


  1. Woooooo! I am loving all of this, and can't wait to follow along while you make it all. I might have just added a few things to my queue, too.

    1. Thanks! It's all thanks to your pin that this is even happening!

  2. Hi! I love your fabric and yarn combos. I too try to do something similar, but never get to work systematically. I will be looking forward to your blog and progress!