Friday, December 20, 2013

Top 5 Hits of 2013

It turns out that these Top 5 lists are about as productive as I'm going to be this week.  As clumsy as I am, it's surprising things like this don't happen more often.

My kitchen knives are sharp, I should pay attention when using them lest my finger get sliced along with tandoori lamb.  The brilliant nurses at our local hospital (extremely local, just around the corner) stuck me back together, bandaged me up and sent me home all in just over half an hour.  Sewing will have to wait until everything I touch stops causing immense pain, it's going to be a close call as to whether or not I can get the Christmas baking done in time. One thing I can manage one handed is typing, so lists are well timed!

Top 5 of 2013 - An Annual Blog Series

Here are my top five hits from the last year:

1. My black floral skirt from my March outfit.

This skirt gets worn a lot.  Dressed up, dressed down, with layers, with heels, flats, boots and tights.  No matter how I wear it, I always feel good when I do.

2. The critter blazer from April's outfit.

This is another one that has seen a lot of action.  It's great over plain tees and jeans and I love wearing it with my grey jersey mini dress.  It attracts a lot of attention too.  This is probably the garment that gets the most admiration from strangers.

3. Trackies!  The track pants I made for the June outfit.

These probably get the most wear of all.  They're so comfy, I love them deeply.

4. I am rather pleased with the sleeveless chambray shirt I made as part of my summer capsule wardrobe.  There will be photos coming as soon as I finish the final couple of garments.  The shirt has great details, fits beautifully and has quickly become a wardrobe staple.

There's a glimpse of it there on the left.

5. The final and most recent hit of the year is Darron's November outfit.

I love this outfit.  Darron loves this outfit.  It was fun to make, the colours and prints are fun and summery, and it makes me grin like an idiot whenever he wears it and tells everyone with great pride that his wife made the whole lot!

So those are the top 5 hits!  Coming up will be the misses, and there have been plenty, let me tell you!  I also managed to get my December outfit finished and photographed before my unfortunate injury, so that is coming up soon too.


  1. The critter blazer is really cute! It makes me happy that you've found so much to wear it with.

    Hope your finger heals quickly-- the musician in me always cringes at hand injuries!

    1. Thanks! It's feeling much better now, finger injuries are so inconvenient!

  2. ouch! you're the second friend this week to have kitchen knife-related injuries - both creatives, trying to finish Christmas crafting and cooking! (that's a lotta C's, I just realised!!)

    mend fast, and use store-bought food if it comes down to it ;)

    Merry Christmas to you all xx

    1. Injuries like these always happen at the worst times!

      Have a great Christmas too xx

  3. I think that blazer was the first make of yours that I ever saw (on the first day of MMM, maybe?) It's such a perfect signature piece for you - I really love everything you make!

    1. Yes it would have been day one of MMM! Thanks you so much x