Tuesday, August 6, 2013

A Productive Weekend

This past weekend has been a productive one for me.  That is if you disregard housework, study, laundry and numerous other things that might have benefited my household and personal development.  It has been a really productive knitting weekend, so the benefits are to my mental health and my 12 outfits.  Actually, I made a huge batch of awesome beef stroganoff so there is that as well.

First up I finished my Beatnik!  That completes July's outfit, so you're only one daggy photo shoot away from seeing it.  In the meantime here is a little bit of it, first thing in the morning, because it's cosy and warm, and I've worn it every day since I sewed in the last end.

Next I picked up the Maroo mitts I started in June while holidaying in Queensland.  After they sat, unloved, for nearly two months with only onle glove half finished, I finished both in a day.  I'm using them as a starting point to get more confident/familiar/awesome at colour work.  These will be a part of August's outfit.

With those two projects off the needles, I started on the big knit for August's outfit.  It's not a big challenge or a complicated project but as it is a rather large Mara shawl it will probably take some time to finish.  It is off to a great start though, here it is getting some rows at swimming lessons this morning.

I feel like I'm back on track with 12 outfits.  Even though I never really got far off track, especially since the track was so flexible in the first place.  I'm feeling inspired and motivated right now so I'm rolling with it!


  1. bah, what has housework ever done for anyone?! ;)

    beautiful knitting, so always...although I do fear you may soon begin to think I'm stalking you!

    first the ski bonnet, and now I have a Beatnik in the pipeline too ;)

    I think we may also have the same glasses... :D

  2. I know right! Housework is for chumps.

    Stalk away! All it means is we both must have exceptional taste in knits!

  3. Such beautiful work. I really love the scalloped fair isle design on your finger less gloves.