Friday, August 23, 2013

Costumes and Props - Book Week

You know that kid whose parents always go totally overboard with his book week costume?  His name is Coen, and it's not his fault we take Star Wars very seriously in this house.

When we asked him what book character he wanted to go as for the book week parade, his answer was very specific.  Obi Wan Kenobi, in Attack of the Clones.  He is adamant that this counts as a book character because he has so many Star Wars books featuring Obi Wan and really, who are we to argue?   So this week I took a break from working on my August shirt to make my boy some Jedi robes.

His brown robe is from the same pattern as his everyday blue hooded dressing gown, just with less finishing and no pockets, it's made from the leftover brown polar fleece I had after last year's Gruffalo costume.  The cream trousers and shirt are from my basic kids pyjama pattern and used up the last of the huge amount of cream ribbed knit I scored.  His vest is made it of a couple of pieces of upholstery fabric, that has a foam backing, which gives him those great padded shoulders, and I dismantled and shortened one of my old belts for him.  To top it all off, this morning he let me blow wave his hair into Obi Wan's meticulously styled 'do and colour in his beard using eyebrow pencils and stage make up.

I can't take credit for the lightsaber though.  That is the work of my lovely husband, who took some poly pipe and attachments, spray painted them and used his Jedi skills to make an amazing lightsaber!

Now he needs to make one for everyone else in the family!  Starting with mine!

The boy was very proud of his costume today in the parade and that's the best reward we could ask for.  


  1. Oh my gosh. Is it wrong that I'm a little envious of this incredible outfit? It's amazing. As is Star Wars. You raised him well :)

    1. Thank you so much! It's not wrong at all, I'm envious myself!