Monday, August 19, 2013

The Next Six Outfits

While I've been working on my first six outfits I have also been planning the next six.  For a while those next six were fairly vague ideas with a couple of key pieces.  Now they have been fleshed out, reassessed and rearranged, ready go with August.  Of course they are all still subject to change as the mood takes me.

So here are the upcoming outfit plans:

Originally I had a navy and teal knit that I planned to make into a hoodie dress.  I decided to make a wearable muslin from the same black fleece knit as my June trackies to see how it looked.  Turns out I really loved it in the black and don't really need another, oops!  So the new plan is dark grey ponte knit pants from the Style Arc April Pant pattern.  The top will be a red voile tunic/shirt with big floral print, similar to the black floral I made my March skirt from. This one is a Burda Style pattern from 2009. And I've already made my cardigan!  It's this one, again from Burda Style.  The fabric came from a local boutique that has shut down production of its own clothing line and has a basement full of fabric that is all for sale for five dollars a metre.  It is a beautiful drapey soft black knit.  I'm wearing it right now and I'm really happy with it!  I knitted a pair of Maroo Mitts and have just finished a big Mara shawl.

The key piece for September was always going to be a Dahlia cardigan in Colinette Jitterbug in Ginger Cinnabar.  It still is, only now it has a slightly dressier pencil skirt in another floral print.  This fabric is a medium to heavy weight cotton that I picked up for a dollar, there's just over a metre, perfect for yet another Burda Style pattern.  I have a reasonable stash of Burda Style magazines from a couple of years subscription.  I keep finding patterns i them that I didn't notice before and that are basic enough to be current with adjustments to fabric choices and styling. The top is a basic button down chambray shirt.

This is another outfit that was based on a knit.  This one the Myrtle cardigan in bright red Wollemeise.  I am sticking with the fabric I chose for a dress to go with it, but have now picked a pattern for it as well.  It will be this one.

November has has stayed the same as well at this stage.  It is still a seersucker skirt with sailor style buttons on the front and a plain white tee with a nice neckline.  I'm still trying to decide if I want to knit a short sleeved cardigan to go with it.  Maybe Soay, or Abbi Light, or Vodka Lemonade, or a short sleeved Brynna, you get the idea.

I had planned to make a Christmas dress for December.  But decided that a Christmas dress is not really an outfit to help build a wardrobe so much as a special occasion garment.  So now December is getting shorts and an obnoxious bright floral Wiksten tank.

Finally There is January's swim suit!  I'm looking at a Bombshell bikini bottom with a top from a mixed bikini pattern I already have.  But then I also found a really lovely simple 1970s one piece pattern that I like too.  I guess I could make two?  I want to try making a huge wide brimmed hat too, I'm searching for the right pattern, and then I thought that I might add a Clair de Lune, because I'm totally glamourous enough to get about in a retro swim suit, giant hat and oversized lacy cardigan.  I am.

My Style Arc patterns arrived today so I'm going to get stuck into my August pants!


  1. lots of good plans and inspiration here - looks wonderful!

    The Jitterbug Ginger Cinnabar is an awesome colour, that's going to really have some punch as a cardigan.

    and the red cardigan from October will possibly go well with the nautical stripes for November?

    1. Thanks! I think the red will go nicely with nautical, a carry over piece. I've been hoarding nautical patterns and fabric lately, I think it will be a nautical summer!